Beginning with Harry Reid's home state, we’re sending a message Reid isn't ignoring  -Ban Obamacare State Health Exchanges

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1. The Silver State Health Insurance Exchange/ Obamacare in Nevada (NRS 695i.050 and NRS 695i.080)set up a massive, federally-dictated government managed conduit and is subject to all federal Obamacare rules and regulations administered in DC by IRS Agents

2. By applying for the The Silver State Health Exchange/Obamacare in Nevada, your personal information  is checked through the 7 agency "hub" (IRS, Social Security  Administration, VA, TriCare, Peace Corp, OPM) and deposited in The Health Insurance Exchange database. There is a risk of Identity Theft and more. Facts at Heritage Reuters

3. Nevada premium increases 179%, the largest increases in the nation.  Health insurance costs are going up-not down as promised–due to new Obamacare mandates and taxes.

4. As fewer doctors participate in Medicare, Americans will have fewer physician choices that will result in ever-increasing premiums for seniors and rationing of care. New York Times

5. Higher state taxes to cover costs for the state exchanges and Medicaid expansion. Nevadans will be charged fees on their insurance in 2014 and taxed on those fees to cover the cost of the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange/Obamacare in Nevada. 

6. The Silver State Health Insurance Exchange/ Obamacare in Nevada is "Medicaid plus" insurance. Those on Medicaid have a 13 % higher death-rate than the uninsured with higher deductibles, limited doctor and hospital choices. 

​7. Fewer doctors, as physicians flee government over-regulation of their healthcare practices.

8. To create a larger pool of Obamacare enrollees, state, local, and federal government workers will have no choice but the Obamacare exchanges. Only private business employees will have higher quality, free-market insurance.

9. Fewer job opportunities as employers implement an under thirty-hour workweek to escape Obamacare

Nevada has spent over $71 million on a website that removes the medical privacy of all Nevadans.
Help make Nevada's Obamacare Exchange Unconstitutional

Since it's beginning October 1, Obamacare continues to be a train wreck for all Americans and Nevadans. The HealthCare Freedom Protection Act, a Constitutional Amendment Initiative Petition bans state and other government subdivisions within Nevada from creating health insurance exchanges (Obamacare). 101,667 signatures—25,417 from each of Nevada’s four congressional districts.signatures puts this question on the 2014 and 2016 ballot.

Sign up to circulate the petition using 20/20/20 vision.
Download the petition, facts and instruction  in the circulator's packet to the right and donate $20 for commercials and legal defense.

Sign up to circulate the petition using 20/20/20 vision

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20/20/20 Vision Circulator's Packet

It's easy to get people to sign the petition and make our vision a reality in the next 20 days. Just follow these steps: 

Download the HealthCare Freedom Protection Act initiative petition.  The facts about the petition and the instructions on collecting signatures.

Please c​ontact us being sure to give us the physical address where you are registered to vote and we will send you a list of registered voters in your neighborhood who want to sign the petition. To help fight the next legal challenge that may arise over verification of the signatures,please make a tax deductible  donation to help with legal expenses.