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Should State Obamacare Exchanges be repealed?Yes
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Undobamacare on Mark Levin
State Exchanges are "dummy terminals"
Call your Legislator: Message -repeal Obamacare in Nevada
The vote to pass NRS 6951: Obamacare in Nevada was unanimous in the 2011 Legislature.Your representatives need to hear from you. Click here to find out who your Legislator is and how to contact them.
Brian Sandoval, Nevada Governor, Is First Republican To Back Obamacare Medicaid Expansion

Including Nevada, 15 states and the District of Columbia are now committed to the Medicaid expansion. All of those jurisdictions are run by Democrats except Rhode Island, whose governor, Lincoln Chafee, is an independent.  ...read more...

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"undobamacare is the voice of We the People opting out of Obamacare ."
News about The Looming Obamacare Disaster 
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 UVa Study: Surgical Patients on Medicaid Are 13% More Likely to Die Than Those Without Insurance 
In summary: Medicaid patients were almost twice as likely to die as those with private insurance; their hospital stays were 42% longer, and cost 26% more. Compared to those without health insurance, Medicaid patients were 13% more likely to die, stayed in the hospital for 50% longer, and cost 20% more. It is hard to see how this problem doesn’t get significantly worse when Obamacare’s expansion of Medicaid is fully phased in. ...read more...
President Obama and Harry Reid’s prefer these state exchanges – really de facto federal exchanges in disguise exchange― because the Federal government doesn’t have to set them up, states exchanges have to comply with Obamacare and its federal rules, and these exchanges are often established by Obamacare opponents.
 Please help by donating to get rid of these state exchanges, we could get rid of Obamacare.

Harry Reid Out of Touch with Americans on Obamacare  Heritage foundation blog
 John Graham, former director of health care studies at the Pacific Research Institute, urged states to resist setting up these exchanges.

“States establishing Obamacare exchanges are making a one-way, lose-lose bet,” he wrote. “If Obamacare persists, exchanges will become bloated administrative nightmares.”

Graham says the exchanges would be a fiscal burden on states and result in less consumer choice for health insurance.


Sharron Angle, Chairman of OurVoicePAC and President of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies (“NFRA”), announced today an effort to repeal state Obamacare exchanges.

“Beginning in Harry Reid’s home state, The Silver State Health Insurance Exchange /Obamacare in Nevada (NRS695i), repealing the state exchanges can roll back the impact of Obamacare nationwide. To this end, OurVoicePAC, in conjunction with the NFRA, has launched a website and campaign at www.undobamacare.com,” Angle said.

“This is not just about saving money! Big Government Obamacare lobbyists for state exchanges told state legislators that if their states did not create their own exchange, the federal government will control Obamacare in their state through a federal exchange. But, what we know now is these state exchanges – really de facto federal exchanges in disguise - are President Obama’s and Harry Reid’s preferred exchange;” Angle said in an e-mail fundraising letter. “Taxpayers under Obamacare state exchanges, will pay for their own state exchange and in addition will pay billions in Federal taxes for other states opting out of state exchanges.”

Radio and TV commercials
First appeal for repeal of State Obamacare Exchange
Nevada man billed $407,000 after Obamacare breakdown...